Lighted, Hands-Free

Lighted Eyeloupe

Professional Eyeloupe

With Eyeglass Frame and Swivel LED Light

Available With 10X or 20X Power Lenses

Ideal to Work on Jewelry, Set Gems, Repair Watches, Electronic Installations, Mold Making, Catalogue Coins and Stamps, Do Hobby Work, Admire Miniature Art, Creative Embroidery, Explore Rocks/Fossils or Minerals, Follow Maps and Charts or Just for Reading the "Fine Print" of a Document, This is a Very Useful "Pair of Single Glasses" to Wear.

Example of 10X Magnification

Powerful Magnification

Thanks to Double, Inner and Outer Magnifying Lenses, Each Doublet Can Render LARGE and Practically Distorsion-Free Clear Magnification.

Lighted Magnification

Adjustable Light

When Inspecting Highly Reflective Areas, You May Experience Better Results With the Light Off or Turned Away From the Point of Focus to Reduce Glare But, To Inspect Inside Areas That Are Beyond Those Shining Parts, or to the Visually Impaired, Who Need Bright Light in Addition to Powerful Magnification, The Light Option Becomes Invaluable!

The Loupe Can Slide Along The Frame
To Be Aligned With Your Right Eye

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • Black Metal Eyeglass Frame.
  • Black ABS Loupe Body
  • Allows Handsfree Operation.
  • Double Lenses:
    Inner Lens: Approx. 3/4".
    Outer Lens: Approx. 5/8".
  • Light:
    Independently Operated Light.
    Swivels Right and Left.
    On/Off Switch.
    Bright LED Light Bulb.
    Requires 2 CR1620 Batteries.
    Batteries Included.
  • Lightweight.
  • Brand New Item.
  • Made in China to US specifications.
  • Fitted Box.

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